lucy Huang

Lucy is Alice’s little sister and current roommate. This setup essentially means Lucy has free access to all of Alice’s clothes and shoes, but she does pay it back in the form of doing (slightly) more chores. While there were moments where they had malicious attempts against each other (e.g. one time they got into a fight, Lucy added all the leftover ginger in Alice’s lunch box), there is no friend like a sister and she is someone that understands Alice the most.


Amy Xiao

Amy and Alice met in first year at UBC, and their friendship grew as they joined the same student club and went through all the drama together. They always have endless things to talk about and nothing makes them happier when they realized Derek and Alvin (Amy’s husband) have also become buddies so they can leave the boys alone and completely immerse themselves in their wonderful gossip circle during their double dates.


Corinna Chan

Corinna and Alice met at UBC, but they didn’t quite become friends then because she always thought Alice was a bit unapproachable and intimidating :) It was only after they graduated did they realize how much they have in common. Since then, they shared many important milestones, including shopping and buying their first cars and getting through the brutal the CFA/CA exams together.


Leo Chen

Leo is the third person (wheel) of the Taiwanese Trio when he, Alice, and Derek were studying at UBC. They have been friends for over a decade. Leo has lots of very interesting life experiences, including surviving the military bootcamp as well as running his own startups. He is the founder of Neverquit socks, the most comfortable socks you'll ever own in your life. Be sure to check it out!


Gary Yeh

Gary and Derek met in the summer of 2009 when they were living in Fairview. Derek knew that he and Gary would become very good friends, probably because Gary looked (and still looks) like a knowledgeable and organized person and because he was pursuing an Engineering degree. Gary always exudes a sense of tranquility and a “don’t worry, I got it” kind of vibe. He takes very good care of his wife, his little sister, and his friends.


Damir Maksyutov

Damir is Derek’s first Siberian friend whom he met at Microsoft, and also the calmest dude he has ever met. One time, they went skiing together, and on their way back their car was very low on fuel. Damir remained poised even when there were only 5 miles of range left. No fuel? No problem! Derek has a lot of respect for Damir, primarily for his intellectuality, his natural instincts with winter sports, and his integrity.